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12 Best Jobs For Creative People

I wanted to make a list of those jobs which I would enjoy as an artist and where my knowledge of art and creative passion could be a real asset. When we are looking for part time jobs or volunteer activities for ourselves this short list may be a good start.

For some of these jobs (museum art curator) you need some specialized training, however there are starting positions available (intern or volunteer) in each job which let you get involved easily. Today everybody is looking for help and the good thing about art jobs in North America is that they can’t be outsourced easily.

As an example check out the fine print in Apple devices, it says – “Designed in USA, manufactured in China”. The aesthetics and art forms which resonate with people are very culture specific and that’s why we can feel reassured that art is not one of those “industries” which would be prone to outsourcing.

As you read through the following list and Google these jobs for more information, restrain the urge to immediately enroll in some short-term or college course. It is best to first test the waters before you spend thousands of dollars on colleges and books. Remember that learning is big business in USA and you may easily get seduced in your passion by courses which promise you a dream job.

  1. Comedian, Celebrity Impersonator, Actors

  2. Cartoonist, Graphic Novelist, Comic Creator, Illustrator

  3. Woodworker, Wood Carving, Handmade musical instruments like flutes & guitars

  4. Sewing, Fashion Designer, Quilting

  5. Landscape Designer, Architect, Street Art, Home Staging, Interior Designer

  6. Event Planner, Create fun parties for children, Wedding Planner

  7. Hair Stylist, Nail Artists

  8. Corporate Art Director, Website Designer, Production Demonstrations & Presentations

  9. Animators, Movie & Video Industries, Advertising, Software Design

  10. Archivists, Curators, Historians, Writers, Museum Technicians &

  11. Photographer, Film Director, Wedding Videography

  12. Fine Artists, Craft Artists , Sculptor

Strive to find a volunteer or part time position. Most museums or galleries or other design firms have weekend volunteering or paid part-time assignments. This would not only give you a flavor of the work you anticipate doing in future, it will also put you in touch with the insiders in these jobs who would share with you a real scoop. You may discover that you don’t like working in office in a design firm and a museum related job is more in tune with your temperament. Or conversely, you may not like working in a museum and you may prefer the fast paced life in the design firm. Many of these positions can transition to a full time position and you may have opportunities to continue working there for a long time.

As you approach anybody for a job, a volunteer position or a temp, it is important to put your best foot forward. Instead of simply saying that you are an artist and you are interested in the job, think of some specific ways you can provide benefit to the employer. Research the position (& the organization) you are applying for and spell out in your email, in your resume and in your interview what makes you uniquely suitable for the position.

For artists, this kind of self-presentation is difficult though they are so skilled at creating captivating works of art.

A set of job finding tools which may be of immense help are the self guided apps from The Career Development Toolkit take you on a step-by-step journey to making your resume, preparing for the interview and then finding your job. With many tools and templates which make your work easy in every step, it is like having a veteran professional hand-holding your job finding project for you. The subscription to the Career Development Toolkit is by invitation only and you can visit their website and request your invite.

If you do decide to get creative, please share your comments so I can compile it for everyone! All the best and much success in your journey!