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10X Your Brand Using Instagram by Sam Founda

sam founda book reviewI must admit that Sam’s book took me by surprise. When I purchased this book, I was ready for yet another marketing book with not much meat in it. I found out quickly how wrong I was.

Sam’s book is a very well organized, practical guide on how to extract the maximum benefit from Instagram to boost your business. Every facet of marketing on Instagram is touched upon, with very well researched compelling stories. As an example, when Sam talks about the multi-dimensional power of Instagram for affiliate marketing, he also shares powerful real-life success stories for this.

The book has a tonne of great tips. If you have been using Instagram for a while, I would suggest making a short list of things you have read in this book, and then actually implement them to see results. The book’s beauty lies in the completeness of valuable information it brings for you.

A very well thought out book which gets 5 stars from the team. This is a MUST READ for both beginners as well as veteran Instagram users.

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