How to Write Killer Blog Posts: A Step by Step Guide


Basic Structure

Adopt the following structure for simplicity – Introduction, Paragraph #1, Paragraph #2 etc., Summary, References.

Before you start writing your article, first write down your 5 or 6 main ideas in bullet points. These could also become your paragraph subheadings.

Once you have the paragraph subheadings, you can start filling in your content.

Tips to Make Your Post Awesome

What’s the main idea in your post?

What action will it inspire people to take?

What’s your hook? How will you grab your reader’s attention?

Include relevant examples and personal stories from your life or those you know. These can be very simple stories of a few sentences, which touched you.

You can also include quotes or short interesting stories you research on the web. However try to find some new less well-known stories so that they are unique and not very common.

Include informal interviews: You can discuss the topic with your acquaintances informally and include their point of views without mentioning their names.

Is there some news related to the article topic? Search on

Make your last paragraph to be a call to action – suggest to your readers something to do.

Use Microsoft Word or free Google docs (you need to install a few spelling/grammer add-ons if using Google docs) to check for spelling & grammar.

Tips for Research

Use different keywords in google to search.

In Google settings – make Google Instant Predictions: “Never show instant results” and Results per page “100” – This way it’s easier to do research on a topic.


Include all references (links) which you have used at the end of the story as in the following example.

As far as possible choose references which are reliable and good.

Works before 1920 are no longer subject to copyright and we can use them in our own work freely. However do not lift large portions from pre-written work – Google penalizes such content. However translations of such work if done after 1920 may not be copyright free.

Please make sure your article is original, written in your words. Check for plagiarism:

You can pick ideas, phrases or words from other publications but not entire sentences.