Team Zavesti

Team Zavesti is a group of volunteer writers and artists, mentored by Nalini Singh. We are a vibrant team of art lovers, writers and children-at-heart! This blog is like a sketch book in which we record the things which inspire us and the creative people whom we admire… books which we have read and the artwork which we have come across…

In a way this blog is also to help artists, authors and entrepreneurs by getting them visibility through reviews and interviews.

About Nalini Singh

As a founder and editor of Zavesti, Nalini is passionate about beautiful art. Her one dream is to disappear in some remote corner of the earth and simply “create beauty all day long”.

Through Zavesti Nalini wants to “discover” art and artists and bring them for her readers to enjoy and be inspired with. Nalini’s current project is her book – a biography – about a common girl who merely by doing whats ‘right’ leads an uncommon life full of joy and with no regrets.